About Us

Chad and Sabastian Garsnett aren't new to candle making. The duo has been making candles for quite some time and operate their store Garsnett Beacon Candle Co. in Holland, Michigan, which includes the production space for all of the candle lines as well as a pour-your-own experience. 
At the heart of their mission is supporting those who's voices aren't heard as loud as others. Through financial donations and giving, Garsnett Beacon Candle Co. supports a wide spectrum within the community in areas of mental health, persons of minority races, teachers and education, and the LGBTQ+ community. 
Out Loud Candles launched with a focus in the mental health and LGBTQ+ space, but the vision is MUCH bigger, particularly with planned expansion into areas of humane treatment of animal and minorities through strategic partnerships and assistance of experts in these respective fields. 
A portion of all sales goes to support these causes within the community both locally and nationally. Check out individual product pages and our News page to see who we are giving to today!